Flame. The soul of a being.
Embers. That which strengthens one's abilities and Flame, obtained from the slaying of beasts and beings.
Flame Monument. A statue which gives rest to it's user, and protects him or her from certain death.

Realms & Beings

The Light. The creator of all.
Flame Keepers. Those who care for the flames who have left their vessels (E.G, from death).
Flame Scribes. Those who bring messages from the Light in the form of embers.
Ashen Beings. Those who once had embers, now resting in the Realm of Existence waiting to be lit again.
The Flameless. Those who oppose the light.

Realm of Existence. The realm of humanity. Without intervention, most cannot perceive the other realms.
Realm of the Flameless. The realm of flameless beings.
Realm of the Flameful. The realm of the flameful beings, who may travel to other realms.
Realm of the Light. The realm of Light, absent of time. All flames go here to rest.

Measurements of Time

Pass. Equal to two years, and contains eight seasons.
Aghtene. An old word meaning "eighth", and is used to reference the indivdual seasons in a pass.

Aghtene of Renewings. First season of a new pass. Snow and ice is still around, however it is usually warmer.
Aghtene of Calm Growth. Ice start to melt, and is gone by this aghtene's half. All greenery is dry shortly after. The wind is steady, the temperature is well, and the scents are fair.
Aghtene of Gusts. Wind blows fast from the south. The weather is cloudy, but the rain does not come for a while longer.
Aghtene of Rainfall. The rain is plentiful during this time.
Aghtene of Heat. The earth is closest to the sun, and rarely cloudy during the day.
Aghtene of Change. The ground begins to cool. Logs for fires should be gathered at this time.
Aghtene of Frost. Gray clouds  from the north, and the air has chilled greatly. Frost covers the ground in the morning.
Aghtene of Endings. The final season of a pass. Ponds and rivers begin to freeze, snow has started to fall, and creatures of snow have the advantage. The weary who do not seek shelter will certainly perish.